Posted on 6.18.18

Dear Turds,
One month in and things are pretty good.
I just wanted to start this post by sincerely thanking all of the people who have come through the shop. It means a lot to Jenny and I that people have been so good about supporting Liberty Barbers.
The shop will be paying all of its bills with money we have earned! This was a big step for me and Jenny. It relieves a little pressure off of us. I still am broke but, I’ve had a lot of practice, so its fine. July and August make me shiver but we will cross those bridges when we get there.
In the month of June we have made a couple of improvements, the first and biggest was the addition of the reception chairs. Hopefully this month I can put a TV in the place. Mostly because I want very badly to watch the World Cup but also for the customers sake. Mostly soccer.
The second improvement was I fixed an AC unit that was leaking into the wall. When these were installed, they were not installed properly. The Ac should be installed at a slight angle away from the building so that the condensation can roll away from the unit. This one was not, actually the framing around the unit created a reverse angle so the unit dripped into the wall. One of the toughest things about building out Liberty was that the space was cosmetically very nice. Behind the walls is an absolute trash fire, attention was only paid to the cosmetic aspects of the space. Now the trim looks terrible but at least its draining correctly. Fixing the internal garbage is my ongoing project.
We now have a pretty good idea about what our bills look like. With the exception of the Sewage and Water Board. I cant imagine that it will be a lot but, this is the S&WB and their incompetence knows no bounds. Again, ill cross that bridge when it gets here.

thats all for now