Posted on 8.23.18

Welp Turds,
2000 new students moved into Tulane yesterday. I guess all of my peace and quiet are now gone. Could be worse, while being somewhat profitable, I have a lot of bills to pay this season. I guess I should say school year but I like to think of the students as a transient natural resource; like salmon. Humor aside, I’m still full of anxiety about the future, I’ll get over it once I’m busy but the uncertainty is rough. We had a nice bump in the middle of the month. I think a lot of it was back to school for college kids heading elsewhere, it lets me know that I have to do more to lure the parents of private school kids through the door next year.
Our haircut donation initiative is moving along nicely, we have a few candidates in mind that could really use the assistance. Thanks to Clyde Patton of Keller Williams realty, I have some haircuts to donate. I will keep you up to date on the progress.
One last thing about the haircuts, we need a catchy name and a means of disseminating the haircuts that is more hands off. If any of you turds have any experience with this or, you are a know it all, please let me know at the shop. I don’t need anyone to do it for me but I sure could use the guidance in doing it myself.

Our second order of business is fantasy football. This Sunday is my first draft of the 2018-2019 season. Interesting thing about this league is that it like many of you who are reading this pre date the internet. We are going into the league’s 34th season. It is an honor to play in this league and I have a good time doing so. The format is different. We have a live draft and keepers (for 3 years.) Last year I came in second because my workhorse Todd Gurley was benched for the week 17 final. I will ask for a week 16 final this year as week 17 is just rookie Fantasy stuff. I’m still a little bitter about this.

I’m running late to work so I have to go. I will provide more of a fantasy Update after the draft. I will also provide a draft update for the league I’m in with my arch nemesis Josh Sappelt. More on this later.

If you are looking for fantasy advice, Where I would start this year is to really understand the scoring categories and how they shape your league, if you have questions, walk in with them. Once we get into September and the rosters and IR are set for the start of the season, we will start looking for value in the middle and later rounds.
that is all for now