Posted on 8.27.18

This Sunday (8/26) I completed my first 2 of 3 drafts. I think they went well.
the fist draft is the league I’m in with my uncle Charlie. This year its 8 teams. It went well, i’ll post specifically about this league once the rosters are put into the CBS sportsline.
I will say CBS offline draft is a factor of 10 better than its online capabilities.

My other draft was in my arch nemesis’ league. We worked together in Boston. He looks like a Giant toddler. His fantasy teams are half season good. Beating him is one of the reasons I do this fantasy stuff. I know it sounds cold but I enjoy taking his money and wasting it on garbage. Last year when I won second place, I took my winnings and bought a mandolin. Now every time I pick up this instrument, I can think about where the money came from. Kind of like a spite horcrux;

(for those of you who don’t care/like harry potter A horcrux was a magical device in which the evil wizard Voldemort hid parts of his soul to ensure he lived forever.)

So his Draft starts at 9CT/6PT which is fine because Monday is one of my late days (11 to 8) my only complaint about his draft is that there is way too much time in between pics. If you don’t have your pics together, you deserve autopick. This year I drafted first. The funny thing about that is that I did not do any mock drafts for picking first. Before last night I have never drafted in first position, I must have drafted at least 200 teams since I started fantasy football in 2004.

Format of league:
12 teams head to head.
My team; The Cleveland Steamers
standard scoring
skill level: high for a bunch of shithead line cooks.
Location of players; West Coast.

But its not super hard. The key is to pick quickly and begin setting up the pick for rounds 2 and 3. Since they are back to back in a snake draft, you can either fill out a position (like RB) or spread out the strategy. What I decided to do was to take Bell (PIT) for my first pick. It wasn’t much of a decision really, He is one of the only running backs in the NFL that is not in a committee. There was an Immediate run on RB so instead of closing out RB I started picking wide receivers. If I cant get what I want, I will just take the best I can get in another position. The thinking behind it is that if I can hit on a couple (by hit I mean top 10) then I can deal the rest of the receivers for the things I could not sufficiently acquire in the draft.

I think the breakdown illustrates this point the best.

Ben Roethlisberger, Pit QB
Tyrod Taylor, Cle QB 

I took Ben because I can Handcuff with Bell plus he is consistent in his points and Qb rating.
Tyrod is the stretch, so i took him with my last pick. I think he is gonna light it up for CLeveland. He had a great year for Buffalo and is going to a team that has more depth at the receiver position, plus he can run. Ben is pretty immobile outside of the pocket.

here are the WRS I drafted (no particular order)

Stefon Diggs, Min WR
Brandin Cooks, LAR WR
Devin Funchess, Car WR
JuJu Smith-Schuster, Pit WR
T.Y. Hilton, Ind WR
Allen Hurns, Dal WR
Danny Amendola, Mia WR

Everyone believes that they drafted super well, this year I’m confident that I have enough at WR to meet my needs and still have enough to trade. I have some weak spots on my team but we will get to them as well. What I look for in a WR is that ideally they are the number one receiver on their team (Funchess, Hilton) or they are their QB’s second option (Smith -Schuster Diggs) The third thing i look for is unique personnel situations such as New team or injuries to receivers higher on depth Charts. I targeted Hurns because Dez left the cowboys and the only other deep receiver they have is Terrence Williams. I’m sure he’s good but Hurns has made me money in the past.

I’m starting the season with three running backs. I will get more via waivers but, I’ll wait until I see who is injured in the first couple weeks of the season. I find it super difficult to Hit on multiple RBs so i just wait until the injury body count piles up and look through waivers

Le’Veon Bell, Pit RB
Isaiah Crowell, NYJ RB
Rashaad Penny, Sea RB  

Penny is a rookie and I’m counting on Carson getting hurt. If he doesn’t work out ill go pick up a Journeyman like Jonathan Stewart and settle for 5 points per game (max)

Tight End is a position that can be a trap in fantasy, there are only a couple of elite TE’s so i wait until I have all my WRs before I start looking.

Jack Doyle, Ind TE

he has the potential to be good this year with the return of Andrew Luck. couple that with being an every down type of TE and playing in a dome, the upside seemed pretty good. If he turns out to bust, he didn’t cost me very much.

I’ll do K and DEF together (I’m running out of time before work)

Panthers D/ST D/ST
Robbie Gould, SF K

The Panthers are going to be good I expect them to be in the majority of games up until the end.
The 49’ers are going to be better but not good enough to put it in the end zone with any consistency.
These are two categories I take late. I don’t see the point in wasting a good draft pick on either because I don’t ever end the season with the same kicker or DEF I started with.

that’s all for now