September 2021

About the Artist

The city of New Orleans is vibrant. Between the people, culture, history and the architecture, there is so much beauty to capture. That’s what Keith Johnson is giving all his time and passion to – creating stunning photographs of the city he calls home.

Keith was born in New Orleans but grew up in Florida. His father (a New Orleans native) shared his stories of the city during Keith’s childhood. No one loved the city more than his dad. While Keith’s father was battling cancer in 2019, Keith moved to New Orleans to be by his side. His stories and love of the city stuck with Keith.

At the start of the 2020 pandemic, Keith felt disconnected from the world. To help deal with the stress of it all, he drove his scooter around the city exploring every alley, street, and abandoned building he could find. That is when he started using his phone to take pictures and discovered a newfound appreciation for New Orleans, its people, and history. The urban landscape and other places like Jackson Square and The French Quarter inspired Keith to take his love for the city and interest in photography to the next level. He invested in a professional camera and began watching videos online about how to use the equipment, different editing techniques, and new methods to capture the most amazing images. He has quickly become self-taught in street portraits, landscapes, and architecture photography.

Whether it’s a quiet alley in the center of the city, a forgotten structure, or a bustling street with all the charm of New Orleans’ people, Keith loves showcasing what makes the heart of the city beat. With a fresh set of eyes, Keith is ready to discover what else New Orleans has to offer. His mission is to share the story of the urban landscape and deep history rooted in the city. By telling these stories, he hopes to continue the legacy his dad started by spreading the word of what an amazing place New Orleans is.