Posted on 8.6.18

hello turds!
We’ve got through the summer with our skin! I’m super excited for the upcoming school year! It was a bit of tough sledding for a couple of months but I’m confident that we are now on the upswing thanks to the Universities and to mandatory Catholic school haircuts. For those of you who are unaware, some schools (primarily catholic) have haircut requirements. I’m glad that I did not experience this in school as I would have not gone.
We have a couple of new things to discuss as we are underway for this year. Number one, is that we now accept donations for haircuts. One of my clients recognized a need for people who are struggling to catch a little break by getting a haircut. I thought it was a terrific idea.
Effective immediately, you can buy a haircut for a person in need. I will keep track of it and donate it to a worthy person. All that you need to do is let me know you want to donate a cut once its paid for ill be on the lookout for a person to help. Ill put your post it note on the wall next to my mirror I will put your name on in and when I have the opportunity to help someone in need out, I will. It can be anonymous if there are individuals that need a haircut, they can sit down and with dignity get a free cut by letting me know.
Number two is that I believe I have hired a new turd polisher. Her name is Dani and she is from New Jersey. Please give her a shot, I know how hard moving to a new city as a barber can be, please extend the courtesy you have shown me to her. I think she is going to kill it here, I couldn’t be more pumped. She starts on Aug 13 so come by and say hello.

that is all for now.