Posted on 7.9.18

Hey turds.
So June is over and July is underway, I am proud to report that we are grinding along, paying bills with our own money. It feels nice. I can’t help but feel a little unsatisfied that I haven’t taken a paycheck yet. Don’t get me wrong, I’m super grateful for what I have I just would like a break from worrying about money for a while.
July is without a doubt the slowest month in New Orleans. It’s oppressively hot and there is nothing to do. Its kind of like February in Boston. Except for it’s hot, really hot. The one nice thing about being slow is that I have more time to plan for when Tulane is back and I’m out of my mind busy.
One issue I have run across is that I have multiple ways to book appointments. Partially because of the diversity of backgrounds my clients; Partially because i am having trouble synthesizing two different systems to create one consolidated booking system.
My Older guys like to pick up the phone and see if I’m busy.The only issue is that I’m still getting walk ins as this happens. Plus its really hard to check my calendar to make sure I didn’t overbook while I am cutting hair. I need to come up with a solution for all of my customers.
I have online booking and that’s ok. I’m still getting used to checking my email constantly to make sure I am up to date on my appointments. I have no way to keep all of my appointments in one place. That is super annoying. The web appointments will now filter to Google calendar but, I have to manually enter the phone stuff. Plus, as a licensed Realtor, I’m crushed with the dumbest spam type real estate emails. Best part, I cant unsubscribe, the emails are pulled from MLS (real estate search website) so, if I unsubscribe from the incessant emails about shitty overpriced homes in towns I don’t live in, I could miss actual emails of note.
As a very savvy polished turd, the answer to this seems simple; get a new email for the website. I did. My web guy and I are currently trying to implement this. The problem is that Dan my web guy is very good at this stupid stuff. The only problem is that he has a job and really only works on my stuff in between his job, his baby’s naps or when the Mets are playing so bad that even he can’t watch them. This type of stuff that is time consuming. Hopefully by the fall we can figure it out, But I’m not holding my breath.
Speaking of the Internet, I broke the online booking stuff on the 4th of July. I was trying to make my hours unavailable for the 4th and the 5th and I basically erased all of the settings for my online booking. I tried to figure it out, its not super complicated, but I made a proper mess of it. Dan being a nice guy fixed it for me. I feel bad because I’m prideful but also because I hate wasting the time of others. But if you want to know why Dan doesn’t have time to go line by line, through my website, to figure out where in the hundreds of places my email is located that needs to be changed.
that’s about all of the time I have, I have to go to the dry cleaner before work.
till later turds