Posted on 5.28.18

Hello all
so, one full week in the books. It went pretty well. Jenny and I are proud to say that we are one step closer to the business being profitable. We hustled hard and saved the majority of the money we made. We found out that we (once we work a whole month) should be able to pay our obligations and still have a little money left over for groceries. That’s great news! Jenny and I get to watch the thing that we built grow and prosper and it blows my mind that the shop is now a tangible place. Not just the idle dreaming of an excitable boy.
Living in Boston was terrific training for opening a business. Paying rent consumed the majority of any money that we made. Thus necessitating frugality. We never really had the ability to save much money, now that we have the opportunity we intend to take full advantage of it. We live on a shoestring budget now but neither Jenny nor I feel like we are being deprived; we are super used to being broke.
Speaking of how great and cheap we are and stuff, I bought four new reception chairs for the shop. Jenny was a little worried that we were spending cash that we needed for bills on these chairs. Yes, the timing was not great, but the chairs were perfect. Really perfect. For those of you who don’t know me well, I’m pretty type A about certain things. Lawn care being my primary obsession but slightly less immediate is the purchasing of permanent items for the barbershop. They are a matching set of 4 mid century all wood office chairs! For anyone who shops the various internet yard sale type shops, you know how rare this is.
Every morning for months I would scour my regular internet haunts to find the perfect reception chairs for the shop. Most chairs are either crap or super expensive, I figured this was one of these situations where if I just kept searching I would eventually catch a break. Turns out I was right. Plus, The person who I bought them from was like Future Jenny. She was a professional admin, she had a very Jenny haircut plus she had the sickest shoes on. I’ll try to describe them but I’m no expert on women’s workplace footwear. They were kind of like a wedge clog thingy with a closed back. The color was a very pleasant brown, like an office chair that’s seen a lot of use. I would imagine finding a belt to match them wouldn’t be that complicated. Jenny would like these. I was dying to compliment her on them, I decided against it because of my nearly superhuman ability to make regular everyday stuff creepy.
Our Goal for the month of June is to break even with our bills. We think its possible, We just have to keep grinding. The key is to reach new customers. If you are reading this then would you consider writing us a review on google?? We will take care of the rest.
thanks for your continued support. I hope to get another blog entry out this month about our progress.