Posted on 4.2.24

Hey Turds! This year has only just begun but there’s already so much going on! Mardi Gras feels like it happened 6 months ago, and it’s no wonder considering all the excitement. Chris and Jenny renewed their vows on Fat Tuesday, and we’ve been going to as many Pels games as possible. We hired a new barber, Jenny got an exciting new haircut, and we’ve been seeing so many new customers…busy, busy, busy!

Speaking of new customers, you may notice that our schedule books up quickly these days, and accommodating walk-ins has been a challenge. Thankfully with the addition of Josh (you’ll read more about him below) we’re keeping up with the high demand. We always do our best to squeeze in extra people when we can, but sometimes it’s just not possible.

Some people have wondered why it’s so hard to get same-day (or even day prior) appointments. Part of it just reflects our incremental growth and the reputation we’ve built over the last 5+ years. We also saw an influx of new customers when another beloved neighborhood shop closed due to an electrical fire at the end of last year. Though we’re sad to report that Mason and Binder moved operations from New Orleans to Mandeville, we would like to give a shout out to two of their barbers, Danny and Felix, who have recently opened Crescent City Barbershop We wish them all the best as new business owners in the neighborhood, and we highly recommend them as fellow industry professionals!

As always, we hope you enjoy this issue of the Polished Turd!     

JOSH… In case you didn’t see our recent post, we have a new barber! Josh started just before Mardi Gras, and we couldn’t be happier to have him join the team. He is one of the most talented barbers we’ve seen in quite some time! Please join us in welcoming him! You can book Josh on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and every other Saturday.  

HANNAH…Hannah is busy juggling her schedule as a barber, mom, and as Jenny’s new personal stylist. Animal print and red lips are all the rage at Liberty Barbers!

JENNY… Jenny is having fun playing with her new haircut and experimenting with lipstick…real challenging stuff.  

CHRIS… Chris might go fishing one day…you’ll see.  

DEBY… Deby’s schedule has changed! You can find her here on Thursdays and every other Saturday. Please ask us for her business card next time you visit.  

MOXIE… Dad yelled really loud and all I did was run outside when everything was just too scary. Then everything kept being scary…real supper time sadness… so I just kept on running down the street. Dad had to get Mommy. I am getting kind of worried because my Snack Mommy who works here, her name is Hannah, she is doing really, really good. She could steal my title of EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH, LITERALLY EVERY MONTH if I don’t turn this ship around.


Neighborhood Construction

The property across the street is under contract and we anticipate that construction will be extensive. We hope to have more specific information but please keep this in mind as PARKING AND TRAFFIC WILL BE A CHALLENGE. There are also several streets in the immediate area that are currently under construction. Please give yourselves extra time when planning your appointments!  

Schedule Changes

Chris is away the following dates: April 27 – 30, and May 18

Hannah is away the following dates: April 12 – 13, April 27, May 4, May 17 – 18, May 25, and June 6.

ART INSTALLATION…We have new paintings up at the shop courtesy of our dear friend, Dan Stegner. We’re really excited about these pieces all representing a wide range of color and imagination. This show pays homage to his graffiti roots but also demonstrates his growth as an artist. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. As always, we are happy to help facilitate if you are interested in purchasing a piece. All proceeds go directly to the artists; Liberty Barbers never takes a commission. If you know any artists who might be interested in a future show, please tell them to contact us at

SPOTLIGHT… If you have spent enough time in Chris’s chair, you’ve certainly heard us gripe about home improvement projects. The lack of time, money, and knowledge make home repair a somewhat regular if not constant nightmare. Then along came Grouper. A kind, gentle soul who spends most of his free time helping hopeless weirdos. The man’s talents seem to have no end…fixing bathrooms, building attic man/art caves, and most recently replacing the broken attic door in our home…we’ve literally seen him do it all. Everyone needs a Grouper in their life. We appreciate all that you do for us, Grouper!

GRIPES & GRATITUDE… Cords! Am I right? So many cords all the time…dangling being annoying and in the way. Cords always twisting up…messing with equipment. You hate that obnoxiously loud buzz when it happens; I hate it more. And then there is hair and powder all buddied up with the cords. It’s gross. The hair and cords just never end. Make it stop!!! Of course we clean every day, but cleaning makes no difference…hair and cords just keep coming! So, what is the solution to all the hair and cords? I guess the bright side of it all is that it forces us to rethink the entire space. Evaluate our needs and collectively work towards solutions that help the whole team operate better. It’s been fun brainstorming together on ways to spruce things up. It makes me super grateful for the Liberty team and excited for the rest of this year.

Chris and Jenny Vow Renewal Officiated by Varg Vargas on Fat Tuesday 2024