Posted on 6.29.24

Hey Turds! It’s so hard to begin this issue of the Polished Turd but it must be done. The time has come for me to hand over the reigns and pursue a new challenge. I have loved every minute of running this business with Chris. It is hard. It is fun (that’s what she said). It is hilarious and frustrating. It is sad when we lose customers. It is quiet and boring sometimes, and full of chaos other times. It is gross when toddlers drool all over our capes and an absolute joy to watch them grow up. Honestly, Liberty Barbers is everything.

Sometimes you had to witness the joy of a married couple running a business together. None of us could have anticipated the challenges thrown at us, but here we still stand. Looking back at all the personal struggles and sacrifices we’ve made, I’m in awe of us. I am so proud of us. I have always said to myself that Liberty Barbers will be a success when they don’t really need me anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I work hard and there will be some adjustments for Chris and Hannah, but they got this.

So many of you have been part of my journey over the last 6 years. The demands of completing my degree, navigating a pandemic and trying to be a good partner honestly left me emotionally and physically drained. It has taken me the last two years to get here, but I finally feel ready and excited to do something new. I can’t say how much I appreciate the love and support and kindness you have shown me over the years. I always tell people how lucky we are to have the amazing customers that we do, and I mean that…and I will miss you all so much!   

This move wouldn’t have been possible without the support and hard work from Chris and Hannah. It has taken time to get here but I no longer feel that leaving is abandonment. I feel so proud of where we are and everything we’ve accomplished, especially MOXIE WHO IS EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH, LITERALLY EVERY MONTH. I also want to thank Miss Deby for being part of our team and putting up with our nonsense! I wish I could personally thank all our special customers…but this issue would go on for years if I did that. I cherish every moment and every relationship I’ve built. Thank you for everything!

I look forward to joining the administrative team at CFO1Source and plan to hit the ground running when I start next week. I haven’t felt this excited about a new job in quite a long time and I have great feelings about this next phase of my professional life. And don’t worry…the office is nearby on Oak Street, so you’ll see me pop in from time to time. Moxie will keep everyone in line…just be patient as we all adjust. Please use our online booking and understand that we need everyone’s cooperation to make this a smooth transition. Be on time, give a heads up when you know you’re running late, and just continue to be your awesome selves.

This isn’t exactly goodbye and I’m sure Chris will lovingly complain about me like he always does. I love you all so much! So, I guess that’s all until we meet again.

Love, Jenny

Jenny being awesome 2024