Posted on 7.19.23

Hey Turds! Well, it’s summer folks. Jenny is thinking about adding something like a swear jar to the shop. Instead of curse words, you have to add money every time you complain about the heat. It. Is. Hot. Let’s not fill the room with constant reminders about the hellish temps. We know, and we’ll all get through this together! 

Speaking of summer, things tend to quiet down for us during this time of year. So, let’s just slow down a bit, and use our extra time to catch up with the team!

HANNAH… Hannah is currently in charge of three toddlers. Her fiancé, her boss, and her soon to be 3-year-old daughter. So, forget about this lady having any free time. But if she did, I guess you would find her watching true crime in comfy clothes.

JENNY…You know Jenny…mostly doing Jenny stuff. Aside from her efforts with keeping us moving along, she is focusing on healthy habits. Getting in those daily steps and plenty of water, fruits, and veggies! So far so good. She also did some dog and house sitting for some friends earlier this summer. If you ever need someone to look after things for you when you’re out of town…keep Jenny in mind! Especially if you have fur babies that need love and attention while you’re away. 

CHRIS… When he is not fishing or going to a free pool, Chris is working.

DEBY… If you don’t know Miss Deby, then are you even a true regular? Seriously though, some of you may not pass her by because she’s with us on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons. She doesn’t like it much when people make a fuss about her, but it wouldn’t be right to have a team update without her. She’s fantastic with scissor cuts so give Jenny a call if you’re someone who gets tired of Chris’s BS and maybe you want to give Deby some business! 

MOXIE… Moxie is just crushing it all the time. Being great, general beagleness, eating snacks…doing everything. She’s wondering if anyone else is even working around here, honestly. This must be why she’s EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH LITERALLY EVERY MONTH! #moxiestyle #getusedtoit. 

SCHEDULE UPDATES…We’re closing at 12:30 on Friday, July 28th for oursnack day, nap day, half day. That’s when Chris, Jenny, and Hannah decide enough is enough and we just go home at lunch. We will also be closed on Saturday, July 29th. Maybe we’ll go to the beach, or maybe we’ll just recuperate after a night out! Either way, we won’t be cutting your hair that day.

We just wanted to give a special shout out to Dewitt’s Fruit and Vegetable Shed and the vendors at the Crescent City Farmers Market, Uptown! On the rare occasion when we have a Tuesday off, we’ve been hitting up local vendors for produce, bread, pasta, and all kinds of other good stuff!  We’re especially impressed with Costantini Pasta! Some of the best handmade pasta we’ve ever had, and Mike is a super nice dude. Highly recommend it! 

FRENCH QUARTER UPDATE… Lots of you have been asking about our pop-up location at the Deurty Boys gallery. Admittedly it has been a little stop and go…holidays, vacations, and break ins have had us on our toes. We’re happy to report that we will be operating the pop-up about twice per month. Find us cutting and shaving from Noon-ish to Five-ish on the following Sundays:

AUGUST BIRTHDAYS…There must be something in the water at Liberty Barbers and Deurty Boys cuz they seem to generate lots of Leos! Happy Birthday Month to Jemma, Hannah, Jeremy, and Jenny!!! 

GRIPES & GRATITUDE…You know what really grinds my gears? Feeling like Bernie Sanders needs my 27 dollars to preserve any sense of fairness in government. Then as a thank you gift, I get spammed by the DNC and all of their C level students mooching money.

I have never contributed to the DNC or RNC and find both parties odious. I support Bernie and his agenda. I make no apologies for my beliefs. To get lumped in with centrists is insulting. It’s pretty clear that the citizens of the United States want systemic change, not more indecisiveness or name calling. It just sucks that my overflowing inbox is proof that no good deed goes unpunished. I just want things to be better for all Americans.

Despite handing off my email to people I despise, I will continue to contribute to Bernie and other like-minded candidates on an individual level, but the idea of party is particularly stupid. Just look at what it has got us. We as Americans are more divided than I have ever seen. Our country, because of the legislative and judicial branches, is a mess. This idiotic concept of culture wars are the talking points on the news channels. Not wealth inequality or our roasting planet, just a bunch of stuff that is not your business.

Parents should raise their children as they see fit (within the law and within accepted medical practices). The authority our country has globally lies globally in self-determination. Not some dogmatic garbage brought to you by news outlets who are selling ad space by ruffling the feathers of their base. The idea that children are being coerced by the LGBTQ++ community is not true. Any gender affirming care is and should be a medical decision. On the left, our focus should be increasing access for the poor to do the things that will provide opportunity for the future, like education and skilled employment training. Stop emailing me for money and do your jobs so I can work and support my family and go fishing. Which leads me to gratitude.

I’m grateful for Hopedale Lagoon. The seclusion is also nice for people who want to explore a pretty big area and aren’t super interested in loading the boat with fish…like fly fishermen. There are also plenty of clear little redfish ponds that are out of the wind. So, when every person with a boat is running across creation to find clear water, you can float into these ponds and do pretty well. What I find truly rewarding is when you find a little cove and you catch a couple of fish. No home run spots but moving a pecking you can put together a pretty good cooler of fish.

In any other area that spot would be totally overlooked, but in a place like Hopedale lagoon that seems like a great opportunity to catch fish. I find that fishing helps me work on the things in my life that I need to work on. Personally, patience and adjusting my expectations to match my situation. It’s not cheaper or more convenient than a shrink but at least the lobby is better.

Mural done by Tye Anderson at Dewitt’s Fruit and Vegetable Shed on River Road