Posted on 11.25.22

Hey Turds! There has been a lot of exciting activity here at Liberty Barbers since our last edition of the Polished Turd! You’ve already met Hannah and she is absolutely crushing it over here. We’ve added her to the online booking system, and you can book her on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

Jenny and I went to our first Pelicans game of the season on November 4th. We had a great time watching them beat Golden State…twice! Also, don’t forget, we have 2 season tickets and can’t always go to the games so hit us up if you ever want our tickets (especially on Thursdays since we work so late). We’re excited for the rest of the season and even more excited to get to our important announcements and petty gripes!

New Barber…yup, that’s right. We have another new barber who started here on November 1st. Her name is Sarah and she’s a master barber who recently moved to New Orleans from Boston. She’s a fantastic barber and adds a lot of fun energy to the shop. We highly encourage you to book with her and give your old Turd Polisher a break! Sarah works on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. You can book her online, give us a call, or just walk in and we’ll do our best to accommodate you as quickly as possible.

T-shirts…we restocked our t-shirts! They always go fast so come get cleaned up and get one before they’re gone…$20.

New Art Installation…if you couldn’t attend the reception on the 14th have no fear, Tye Anderson’s art will be on display throughout the holiday season. The opening was a huge success, and we are just so happy to reconnect with our old friend Tye. Even though he isn’t cutting hair at Liberty at the moment, he will always be a part of this family. Please stop in to check out his work, and if you are interested in purchasing anything we are happy to connect you with Tye.

Employee of the Month…drumroll please…it’s Moxie. It’s always Moxie. There is none greater than Moxie #moxiestyle.  

Gripes…I don’t understand why I can’t just go to one supermarket and buy my groceries. The place that has the “good” produce has awful meat. The bread is at the other store that’s kinda close but not really. I’m not trying to get the finest groceries. I’m just not trying to get ripped off and feed myself. I don’t want to go to four stores on my day off. Contrary to popular belief I don’t want to do chores all day.

P.S.  Please put your grocery carts back in the designated spots. Not putting it away is bad manners and further proof of your lack of common decency.

Chris and Tye: Art Opening November 14, 2022