Posted on 10.26.22

Hey Turds! We apologize that it’s been a while since we put out a blog post. We’re keeping busy at the shop and can’t believe it’s already October. We always enjoy getting to know the new students and seeing new faces here at Liberty Barbers. Tulane football has been great this year, and we’re pumped for the Pelicans season! Overall, lots to look forward to…but even more to complain about! But before we get to the reason you’re all here (to read about Chris’s petty gripes) we have a couple of announcements.

New Barber…in case you haven’t heard, we have a new barber! Her name is Hannah and we’re thrilled she’s here. She’s been with us just over a month, and we haven’t scared her away yet! We are so happy that she made the decision to return to the hair industry after having not so great experiences in the past. If you would like to book with Hannah, please walk in, call us: 617-259-8778, or email We’ll add her to the online booking system soon so stay tuned!

Employee of the Month…there is one individual who has demonstrated exceptional greatness this month. It would be a disgrace if we didn’t publicly recognize her brilliance and talent. Without further ado we are pleased to announce that the September and October Employee of the Month is Moxie! Her dark eye makeup and adorable buns set an incredibly high standard. It will be pretty hard to steal this title away from her. We could all learn a lot from this tiny little beagle.

Gripes…I hate the airport. Specifically, I hate getting to and leaving the airport. Aside from the traditional “we didn’t build a road to the airport” complaints, traffic within the airport is both big and dumb. Leaving the airport by cab/rideshare should be easier and cheaper. There is zero excuse for leaving from/getting to the airport by taxi or rideshare being as expensive as it is.

It looks like it was designed by children who were building an airport in a SIM game.  It’s a useless turd of a structure which is the first thing these visitors see when coming to New Orleans. It and the traffic are also the last thing people see when leaving. I also especially love how at arrivals people just stop everywhere…no lane management whatsoever (which is super fun when you are picking up your 72-year-old mom).