Posted on 6.15.24

Hey Turds! We sincerely apologize to our avid readers for the delay with this issue! If you’ve been keeping up with us, you already know that our team is staying busy. In April our Chief Turd Polisher returned from Hendersonville, NC where he boiled about 200 pounds of crawfish and cooked up 40 gallons of gumbo for the second annual mountain “Jazz Fest.” Partnering with his long-time friend, Joe Dinan, and the entire team at Oklawaha Brewing has been an incredible experience. Over 1,000 people attended this year, and we’re so excited to see this event grow year over year!

Chris is also spending a lot of time parading with the Krewe of Rolling Elvi and that has been a blast. Our little gang of weirdos traveled to Bay St. Louis back in May to roll in their pirate parade. And if you missed the Elvi in Pride, you could catch them again in July with the Running of the Bulls or in September at the Southern Decadence parade. You’ll see more of your barber than you ever wanted to!

All in all, it’s been a solid 2024 so far. We’re slowing down for the summer and have additional information about that plus another special shout-out in Jenny’s update below. As always, thank you so much for supporting us and our unique brand of b.s. All of you keep us going and even when days are tough…we love serving this community! We hope you enjoy this very exciting issue of the Polished Turd!

– Liberty Team

HANNAH… Hannah is crushing it. CRUSHING IT! She’s only about 500 hours away from completing her apprenticeship and will be eligible for the state licensing process soon! She’s also spending a lot of time researching schools and activities for her daughter for this upcoming year. She’ll be heading to New Hampshire soon so be sure to book her before she’s away June 25 – July 10th.  

JENNY… Jenny is busy juggling her time between the barbershop and some consulting and bookkeeping work. Several months ago, Jenny was hired by Radicle Organizing based in Quincy, MA to provide bookkeeping, administrative support, and other guidance as her friend navigates the growing pains of business ownership. The job is fun and interesting and has been a great opportunity for Jenny to support work that really matters to her.

If you are an advocate, non-profit, or union leader looking for expertise in digital marketing and organizing, you should consider scheduling a consultation with Jannae Knospe! You can learn more about the work she’s doing (and the work that Jenny is supporting) here:

CHRIS… Chris went fishing…once…suck it, losers.

DEBY… Deby is in the middle of a pretty major home renovation and is handling everything with her usual grit and positive attitude! Honestly, Deby is #goals.

MOXIE… OH HEYYYY! Who hasn’t heard about Moxie’s DNA? She’s 100% beagle and 100% great. She’s 100% scared of most stuff, but most importantly she’s 100% EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH, LITERALLY EVERY MONTH.

SUMMER HOURS… As we normally do in the summer, we will operate with more flexible hours when business is slow. Our business hours will not change per se, but you may notice late openings or early closings depending on our daily bookings. Resources get a little thin in the summer and we want to consolidate our time accordingly. Please keep this in mind and don’t wait until late in the day to book same day appointments.    

GRIPES & GRATITUDE… Honestly. I’m over it. Can someone else do this b.s.? Ugh. Happy summer.

Moxie Everyday Beaglin at Liberty Barbers 2024