Posted on 5.14.18

Welcome all to the first post of the polished turd. The purpose of this blog is to chat about things of interest that i come across while at the shop. The Blog is about nothing in particular. Although, I will post album reviews of things i’m listening to in the shop and whine incessantly about my lackluster fantasy football team. I also plan on introducing a post called “Reil talk” where people write in their relationship questions and the very opinionated Reil sisters answer your question in a very unflinching way.
I may talk about hair, although unlikely. I hate the cult of modern barbering. Its the same issue i have with “craft” bartenders. Inflated self importance; Stupid clothes. I honestly tried to build this shop around the average guy,just some dude who needed to get cleaned up right, without all of the fussy b.s. that goes on in many shops. If you don’t like waiting, book and appointment. If you are willing to sit and hang out, that’s great. Priority is given to my appointments. That being said, if you make an appointment and miss it ( without 24 hours notice) you owe me for that haircut. As a solo barber, its important my schedule runs smoothly. Sounds kinda bad but i have to protect my time.
I sincerely want to thank anyone who is reading this. It means that you want to be part of this little community. so if you are working on something cool at work/school or just have some serious hobbies, hit me up. Ill let you take over the blog and you can write about it. I’m also going to post links to other peoples blogs just cause writing is hard.

anyhoo, that’s enough